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Welcome to Puri Bahasa Indonesia

School Of Indonesian

Accredited 'A' by National Accreditation Body, Republic of Indonesia.

The Decree of Accreditation number 081/K/SK/AKR/2016

Rewarding you a certificate of competency.

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Puri Bahasa Indonesia (PBI), Yogyakarta, is an Indonesian School whose goal is to aid foreigners to learn the Indonesian Language within its socio-cultural setting.


Puri Bahasa Indonesia provides Indonesian language training programs which are staffed by qualified and experienced teachers. Methods and materials are designed and aimed mainly to enable students to communicate well and naturally without neglecting social or cultural aspects.


Puri Bahasa Indonesia applies communicative approach methods and the materials are tailored to students’ needs and purposes in the Indonesian training.


Puri Bahasa Indonesia, the language  training, is located in the city center. It takes 15 minutes to walk from Malioboro street to the east. The school is on the right – Malioboro street on the left as viewed in the map.



Puri Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian language training, continues to offer its long established language education services, and should not be confused with any other school using the name “Puri” or similar.
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Puri Bahasa Indonesia is an independent school located in Yogyakarta, in Central Java, a very historic city, considered to be the cultural and artistic heartland of Java. The educational philosophy and academic approach of Puri Bahasa Indonesia is based on the concept that a language, i.e. "Bahasa Indonesia" is best learnt as a second language within its socio-cultural setting. Puri Bahasa Indonesia which provides the Indonesian language training was founded in response to the increasing demand by foreign students for locally-based Indonesian language course.


Puri Bahasa Indonesia prides ourselves on the warm and friendly atmosphere Puri Bahasa Indonesia has created at our school and is committed to looking after our students' welfare during their visit. Puri Bahasa Indonesia values the relationship Puri Bahasa Indonesia has developed with our students over the years, and is delighted that so many have maintained contact after completing their studies with Puri Bahasa Indonesia. Puri Bahasa Indonesia looks forward to welcoming you to our extended family of students. Puri Bahasa Indonesia will arrange and provide sponsorship for students wishing to obtain socio-cultural and 1 year student visas enabling them to study and stay in Indonesia for a longer period.

Teaching Staff

Teaching staff of Puri Bahasa Indonesia are fully qualified, university - educated professional language teachers. Puri Bahasa Indonesia carefully selects and monitor the performance of our teachers, and Puri Bahasa Indonesia regularly consults with students on their progress, to ensure that the highest academic standards are maintained.

Our facilities include:

  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Quiet and air-conditioned classes
  • Library
  • Bicycles
  • Refreshments
  • Strategic Location, close to City Centre
  • Arrangement and Sponsorships of  Applications for 6 month Social-Cultural and one year visas


Yogyakarta is the location of the royal court of the Sultan of Yogyakarta, situated in the Keraton, an enclosed city in the centre of Yogyakarta, and near to the school. The school is located in a purpose-built facility, designed to accommodate both individual and group study in a pleasant and peaceful environment, but nonetheless situated within minutes of the main cultural, tourist accommodation and shopping areas.

The school provides, at no extra cost, a range of materials concerned with speaking and reading comprehension, and writing skills, tailored to suit the standard of the course taken or the special interests of the student.


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