Puri Bahasa Indonesia* ( or “Puri Bahasa” or “Puri” in its shorter form ) has been in business as a school since 1992, operating under license to use that name. We operate only from the following address :

Jalan Purwanggan 15 Yogyakarta, 55112 Indonesia

 And from no other address. We have become aware of another school which has more recently opened and was using our name illegally. That school has recently indicated that Puri Bahasa is now expanding its business so that they need to change its name. Please, do not be confused by this. That school has been required to change its name because of its breach of our legal rights to the name. We would like to assure all our costumers that Puri Bahasa Indonesia will continue to operate under its existing name, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of providing the highest standards of education to our students. Please contact us if you would like further clarification.


* License from Department of National Education, Republic of Indonesia, no. 421.9/154/IX/03 and Certificate of Intellectual Property Rights from Department of Justice and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia, no. 406286.